How To Pick Female Sunglasses For Your Face Type

Summer is drawing to a close, but it’s too early to put the sunglasses in the drawer. Therefore, today we decided to figure out how to choose sunglasses specifically for your face shape. 

The shape of the face is generally a very important criterion when choosing many of the main components of the female image: glasses, hats, hairstyles, makeup. The correct definition of the face shape helps harmoniously create your style in accordance with the natural features of the appearance. Glasses are more than just a stylish summer accessory, they protect our eyes from sun radiation, harmoniously complement the image, and reduce fatigue. Unless, of course, you pick them right.

Round face

The task is to visually lengthen the face, so you’d better pick frames of a dark color. They narrow the face and make it look more oval. To balance the proportions of your face, choose a frame with a width greater than height.

Suitable for round face shape:

  • Pointed, rectangular, square glasses.
  • Cat eye frames.
  • Butterfly frame glasses.
  • Glasses with narrow nose bridge.
  • Aviators.
  • Wayfarers.

Not suitable for round face shape:

  • Round glasses.
  • Narrow frames.
  • Glasses with sharply defined angles.
  • Glasses in the form of geometric shapes.
  • Color contact lenses.
  • Glasses covering the eyebrows.

Oval face

The main task is not to violate the harmonious proportions of the face, so avoid too massive glasses. It is better if the width of the frame is equal to the width of the face or slightly wider. Make sure that the upper part of the frame coincides with the eyebrow line.

Suitable for oval face shape:

  • Frames of a smooth form: rectangular, oval, round.
  • Butterfly-shaped glasses
  • Aviators.
  • Cat eye frames.

Not suitable for oval face shape:

  • Frames with sharp corners.
  • Too massive frames.
  • Too wide frames.
  • Narrow frames.

Square face

Rectangular or square sharp shapes will overload the face. Rounded frames will help to visually balance and soften the proportions of the face.

Suitable for square face shape:

  • Big glasses.
  • Glasses with a frame width equal to the width of the face.
  • Glasses with colored frames.
  • Oval, round, drop-shaped frames.
  • Rimless glasses.
  • Cat eye frames.
  • Aviators.

Not suitable for square face shape:

  • Square frames with sharp corners.
  • Small, narrow and miniature shapes.
  • Glasses with a frame wider than the face.

Rectangular face

You should visually expand the face. Choose large, massive glasses. Try transparent glasses with a thin frame to match the skin.

Suitable for rectangular face shape:

  • Large frames.
  • Aviators with a large frame.
  • Round frames.

Not suitable for rectangular face shape:

  • Narrow frames.
  • Small frames.
  • Bright colored frames.

Heart-shaped face

The task is to balance the upper part of the face, making the lower part heavier. Massive ones will make the top heavier, and you don’t need this. Choose glasses which width is equal to the width of the face, better teardrop-shaped frames. Aviators are a perfect option.

Suitable for heart-shaped face:

  • Rounded, round glasses.
  • Small frames with a narrow bridge.
  • Low set ears.
  • Aviators.
  • Wayfarers.
  • Rimless glasses.
  • Light and neutral color of glasses.

Not suitable for a heart-shaped face:

  • Heavy and large frames.
  • Sharp forms.
  • Glasses covering the eyebrows.
  • Butterfly-shaped glasses, drop glasses.
  • Cat eye frames.
  • Frames with vibrant colors.

Triangular face

The main task is to expand the upper part of the face and distract attention from the bottom. Choose glasses with a large frame and a wide top. The bottom of the glasses should not be square, sharp or with a clear line.

Suitable for triangular face shape:

  • Round glasses without bright jewelry.
  • Aviators.
  • Cat frames with light glass.
  • Rimless glasses.

Not suitable for triangular face shape:

  • Cat frames with dark glass.
  • Square, rectangular frames.
  • Narrow and small frames.
  • Glasses with a square or sharp bottom.

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