How to Choose a Right Sunglass that Fits your Needs?

Good pair of polarized sunglasses is important for any sailor. But how do you choose the perfect pair of sunglasses that fits your needs? Here are the few key points that would help you in making the selection.

Lens Material: Sunglasses which are made for sailing have different qualities of materials like polycarbonate lenses that are light weight and resistant to harsh external conditions. In some sunglasses, the polarized layer is integrated with the lens. The polarized layer in these sunglasses is difficult to remove and are more expensive. These glass lenses have high clarity and the only con with them is that they are delicate and can break easily compared to plastic lens.

UV Transmission: The light that enters the sunglasses can be described in 4 categories. Category 0 is highest UV transmission (80 to 100 percent). It occurs in glass lenses that have absolutely no UV protection. Category 1 has UV transmission around 43-80 percent and is suitable for low light conditions. Category 3 has UV transmission around 8-18 percent. Most of the polarized sunglasses fall under this category. Category 4 have 3-8 percent UV transmission.

Coating: There are two types of coating. First is mirrored coating and the second is non-mirrored coating. Mirrored coating shows scratches faster than the non-mirrored coating. Moreover, frames which are highly wrapped do not require anti-glare coating. If you are planning to buy sunglasses with the less wrapped frame, then it is suggested to go with frames which have anti-glare coating at the back of the lenses.

So, these are a few key pointers you need to have in your mind before choosing any polarized sunglasses.

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